Our new shop is now open!

We have the immense pleasure to announce that La Galette de France is now established for good on Hampden Road, in Nedlands.

Our philosophy is still the same.
All we are about is providing “tasty everything”, made with premium quality ingredients, passion, and must we insist, everyday, from scratch?
We thrive to see your smiles when you bite in the food we’ve created for you.

It gives us a sense of purpose to give you happy moments.
- Comfort: may you be having a well anticipated tasty meal on your lunch break.
- Relaxation: enjoying the flow with a loved one, seating in our cafe and chatting over a coffee and a treat.
- Fun: sharing take-away coffees and finger licking goodies with work colleagues during a well earned break.
- Joy: when we help you celebrate a special even at home with family and friends with our delicious finger foods and desserts.

Come check out our new shop and say hi. We are looking forward to meeting you, and seeing our long term loyal customers again.

Yours dearly,

Eric & Nadia Masure
Owners of La Galette de France

"Hand crafted quality pastry and cakes"